Buy Now, Sell Later.

Remove your home sale contingency

Buy Now, Sell Later

The stress-free way to buy your new home before selling your current one.

If you are a current homeowner looking to move or upgrade, you know that it's tougher than ever to juggle the challenges of finding a new home while selling your existing one without running into contingency snafus or timing issues that could leave your family with nowhere to go.


Buy now, sell later  eliminates the need for current homeowners to sell before buying their new dream home. How? Our affiliate, AnnieMac Cash2Keys, buys the home so you can move right in while taking the time TO comfortably sell your old one. Then, we sell that new home directly to yOu as soon as you are ready - easy!

How it works:

1 . Get Pre-approved Don't worry, we'll guide you through this quick & easy process.

2 . Find the Perfect Dream Home Work with your agent & choose wisely.

3 . Let the Bidding Begin Your agent will work with your AnnieMac Cash2Keys Home Purchase Coordinator to make the Cash Offer (along with the inspection terms and closing date) YOU want.

4 . Your Offer is Accepted Congratulations!

5 . Closing Time AnnieMac Cash2Keys closes on the home in preparation for selling it to you.

6 . Move Into Your New Home No need to wait. With our simple rent accrual program, you can move in and start your new life immediately.

7 . Sell Your Old Home With your family and belongings out of the way, you can take your time to stage, show it off and pick and choose from your sky-high offers.

8 . Seal the Deal on Your Terms Sign on the dotted line, and you are now the official owners of your new dream home!

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